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Prompts – Conversation prompts

We are all experts

Blog One of the things humans love to do is to offer advice. We are all experts at something, even if sometimes our faith in our expertise is questionable! Read more ›

Translation – Translation

An unconventional approach to translation

Blog Tips and tricks to translate faster and better Read more ›

Prompts – Writing prompts

Write about a dream

Blog Storytelling to learn a language Read more ›

Translation – Translation

Mistakes in a translation - cool! Mostly

Blog When mistakes are deadly Read more ›

Teaching – Teacher tips

Prepare for conversation classes

Blog There are many reasons why you need to prepare to teach conversation classes. It turns out that conversation classes are more demanding to teach. Plus it’s harder to keep students engaged and happy. Read more ›

Prompts – Conversation prompts

Memorable moments

Blog A successful interview lesson plan ideal to get students who are new to each other talking. Read more ›

Prompts – Conversation prompts

Moving overseas

Blog A lesson plan based on the questions my students have asked me Read more ›

Writing – Writing

Read to write

Blog Prolific readers are good writers Read more ›