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Switching from Evernote to OneNote

Blog In recent months (or years), it has felt like the Evernote interface and apps have stalled. I document the switch to hopefully make it less painful for you. Read more ›

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Writing isn’t just for writers

Blog Successful people, happy people, entrepreneurs and creatives write every day. Here's why it helps. Read more ›

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Daily language learning hacks

Blog Learn a language faster and more consistently Read more ›

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Simplified language is not stupid

Blog Being understandable is a good thing, even if your academic supervisors criticise you for it. Read more ›

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When you get stuck while learning a language

Blog Have you found yourself stuck with boring textbooks? Audio courses? Apps? What things turn you off language learning? Read more ›

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Written homework is important for conversation classes

Blog Homework is not just for textbook classes. Drilling new vocabulary and grammar, and writing help conversation skills enormously. Read more ›

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How to be an independent learner

Blog Have you ever sat through a class, been bored out of your mind, and not remembered anything that was covered? Here's how to kick your learning into high gear. Read more ›

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Australian animals word search puzzle

Blog This was my first word search puzzle and a hit with every class I have given it to, either as a race within the class or as homework. Read more ›