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Motivation and language learning

Blog 'I want a raise, and to get it I need to improve my English.'' You get all fired up and motivated at the start of your plans, but then your motivation vanishes. Read more ›

Vocabulary – Vocabulary

30 travel idioms

Blog Even beginners are faced with idioms if they travel to an English speaking country for a holiday. That’s why it’s important to include idioms in all levels of language courses. Read more ›

Prompts – Conversation prompts

50 travel conversation prompts

Blog The most requested topics in a conversation class with my older students is travel. Making the second or third lesson in a course about travel helps the students feel more comfortable with each other and improves speaking confidence. Read more ›

Learning – Learning tips

Dealing with language learning burnout

Blog Do you want to throw the towel in on your language learning journey and just give up? If you said yes, you may be burned out. Read more ›

Learning – Learning tips

How to massively improve speaking confidence in conversation classes

Blog What’s the one thing most students are afraid of? Making mistakes and looking silly in front of the other students. Here's how to get past that. Read more ›

Teaching – Teaching

Choosing conversation topics

Blog When choosing conversation topics, it’s most important that you pick topics the students like and want to talk about. If they aren’t interested in the topics, they’ll stop coming to class, or just stop talking. No teacher wants that! Read more ›

Teaching – Teaching

Starting a new conversation class

Blog If you are anything like me, as both a teacher and a student, starting a new conversation class is terribly scary. Read more ›

Prompts – Conversation prompts

Illness and treatments

Blog Most of us have been ill. We’ve all done things to ‘fix’ our illness, even if it’s just the common cold. Unfortunately, this also happens when you are traveling, on holiday or for work. Read more ›