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A traveling teachers toolkit

Blog Language teaching when you have no home base to store books, and tools for audio-visual activities can be difficult. Here are the tools I use. Read more ›

Prompts – Conversation prompts

Solving tricky problems

Blog A speaking or writing exercise to propose solutions to tricky problems. This uses both modal verbs (could, should, would), and conditional sentences, so is better for intermediate classes and above. Read more ›

Vocabulary – Vocabulary

Words for basic office supplies

Blog This is a beginner vocabulary exercise that is very popular with my adult business English students. Read more ›

Vocabulary – Vocabulary

Spelling checkers for language learners

Blog When learning a new language, it can be tempting to rely on the automatic spelling checkers to correct your words. That may not be such a good idea with this poem! Read more ›

Vocabulary – Vocabulary

Learning dialog tags

Blog While few of these dialogue tags are used in spoken language, you'll find them in any fiction book you read. How many do you know? Read more ›

Vocabulary – Vocabulary

20 Cooking and food idioms

Blog Even beginners are faced with idioms if they travel to an English speaking country for a holiday. That’s why it’s important to include idioms in all levels of language courses. Read more ›

Prompts – Writing prompts


Blog Everyone has something to complain about. Sometimes something will annoy you enough to write a letter or email. Read more ›

Teaching – Teaching and learning

Bite-sized language prompts for students and teachers

Blog I hold multiple classes for students learning English as a foreign language, so I need to come up with topics that both interest the students, yet focus on specific (small) aspects of grammar. Read more ›