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How to learn new words and remember them

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How to learn new words and remember them

Learning new words to add to your vocabulary doesn't have to always involve flash cards (although spaced repetition is always good!) Here are some other tricks you can use to learn more words.

How many new words do you learn each day? How many new words do you want to learn each day?

Learn 10 new words today!

  • Look for words in a dictionary at random.
  • Read a news article on the BBC and learn the words you don’t know.
  • Open an English book to a random page, not the words you don’t know.
  • Write a few sentences using the new words to link them more firmly in your mind.

Learn and practice vocabulary

  • Write a list: Write your next shopping list or to-do list in the language you are currently learning.
  • List your goals: Write a list of goals (any type) for the next 6 months and write a plan of how you will reach your goals, all of it in your target language.
  • Name everything: Name every thing you see on your way to and home from work or school today. Say the nouns silently, or whisper them to yourself.
  • Stick where you can see it: Stick sticky notes with nouns or verbs on everything in your house. Or your office.
  • Talk to yourself: Try to put into words, what you are thinking about right now. Speak them out loud, or mumble them under your breath. Single words, half-formed or full sentences are all good.
  • Make plans: What will you do on the weekend? Write a journal entry (in your mind, if you don’t have a book handy), and use the future tense: I am going to …, I will …, I plan to …

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06 Jul 2018