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Migrating the website to Jekyll


Migrating the website to Jekyll

Learned Words has had many problems on a standalone WordPress installation, with its media library consistently going missing. That's one of the reasons I am moving the site to Jekyll.

WordPress used to be a lot more stable years ago, when there were fewer plugins and add-ons, and bits and bobs to make it upset. I’ve had a terrible time with it recently - the images, PDF files and other items in the media library keep going missing! Or rather, they files are still there, at the same links. But you can’t get to them from the front of the website.

It’s very strange.

Better security and privacy

With a static site, such as one built with Jekyll - there is no log in. No cookies being set for administrators. And hopefully there are fewer ways you can break a website’s security by adding URL modifiers.

No cookies means I don’t have to display that cookie banner (YAY) that is mandatory because of the GDPR. I couldn’t find a non-subscription plugin for Wordpress to do this, so it was another impetus to get away and use a static site.

New static website based on Jekyll

Back to coding by hand?

Sort of … I find writing in Markdown much easier. I can focus on just the content, and then add in images or formatting as I finish. That means I write faster - a good thing!

But the migration itself will take some time. I’m transferring each page and blog post and updating things as I go. It’ll take some time to get through 100+ pages and posts!

In the meantime, please have some patience!

Update: It’s live! Please let me know if you find anything broken.

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18 Jan 2020