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Interview someone

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Interview someone

Find out something new about a family member, friend or classmate. Try to keep the interview in your target language where possible.

This lesson plan and cheat sheets revising basic questions may be useful.

  • Quiz your interviewee on their future dreams, New Year’s resolutions, Christmas plans, or past experiences.
  • Ask a lot of questions about their studies, their work, a recent holiday, or even what their daily routine is in detail. Dive deep into working out the ‘why’ behind their routine, if you talk about it.
  • Find out where they want to visit in the future, which book they want to read or which movie they want to watch next and why.
  • Hunt for something new – a bit of information that you didn’t know before.

Does what you found match your expectations? Did you expect to hear something different?

Seek out their hidden talent

Everyone has a hidden talent - something that they are good at that many people don’t know about.

  • What is it?
  • Why is it hidden?
  • Do they keep it hidden on purpose? Why / why not?
  • Does anyone know about their hidden talent?

What’s your hidden talent?

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14 Sep 2017