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Australian animals word search puzzle


Australian animals word search puzzle

This was my first word search puzzle and a hit with every class I have given it to, either as a race within the class or as homework.

One of the first handouts I made for my Japanese classes in 2010 was a word find puzzle, with a large number of Australian animals.

It was probably one of the most popular lessons, as the students raced to be first and receive Australian stickers as prizes.

They were surprised at some of the animals that could be found in Australia – camels, foxes and deer.

Many laughed at some of the names (and my attempt to make the sounds or show the movements of the animals) – kookaburras, echidnas, and witchetty grubs.

They also happily pointed out it should be titled Animals in Australia, because not all the animals listed are native.

I’ve since re-done the handout for my German classes, both with and without translations. It works much better when the students translate the animal names themselves.

I hope you and your students enjoy it!

Download the handout from Patreon (it’s a public post)

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18 Aug 2015