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Resources for writers


Resources for writers

A collection of prompts, events, competitions, tools, books, tutorials and more - all for writers

Make use of these resources for writers to improve your work, get published, enter competitions and join the worldwide writing community.

You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy writing or to publish your work. Anyone can enter writing competitions and have their work critiqued.

Writing prompts

International writing events

International competitions

  • JustaContest.com – list of local and international writing contests.
  • WinningWriters.com – list of poetry contests (requires a free newsletter subscription for a partial list, or premium membership for the full list).
  • Writers Reign – writing contests of all types: poetry, books, performance arts, non-fiction and short stories.
  • Book Trust – list of short story competitions.

Great writing software, apps and websites

  • 750words.com – encourages you with accolades to write 750 words daily.
  • Evernote – a great note collation tool, used in combination with Scrivener for longer writing tasks.
  • OneNote has caught up and in some ways overtaken Evernote, offering more functionality.
  • Scrivener – the best and most flexible editor for books and long research papers.

Free online writing courses and tutorials

Blogs on writing

Writing platforms

  • Earn money when you write articles for Hubpages.

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18 Jun 2018