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Tiers and rewards at Patreon refocused

Patreon update

Tiers and rewards at Patreon refocused

I'm reworking my Patreon offers to be more in line with my core audience of people who just want to support me in my creative and gardening journeys. English teaching resources are still available, and will still be produced as requested by patrons.

I can’t believe it’s already been more than two years since I started my Patreon! I’d like to thank everyone who has signed up over that time - even if you have since moved on, it was a pleasure, and I am very grateful for your support.

Most of my long-time patrons are not English teachers, and skim the resources I had been creating each month. I’ve received a pile of wonderful feedback about my year-long video series where each month I published a video of 1.5 seconds a day, and even more about my garden and sketchbook tours.

As this seems to indicate that people would rather support me in my creative journey, chat about a wider range of topics than just teaching English, and go behind the scenes into my garden, I’m refocusing my Patreon offering.

English resource library will remain

Should any English teachers or students sign up, they are more than welcome to request resources on certain topics, and I’d be delighted to make them! Plus, the huge library of word games, puzzles, conversation prompts, lesson plans, curriculums and tips and tricks is still there - subscribers can access all of the published resources as soon as they sign up.

Go behind the scenes into my garden, sketchbook and craft sessions with me on Patreon

What you get on the LearnedWords Patreon

In striving to create a balance between work and life, and documenting the process on Patreon, I’m currently offering two low tiers with the following rewards:

Garden updates and recipes - wander through the rooftop garden with me each month in a slow video montage, look at what vegetables and plants are growing, and see what I’m making with them as I share recipes and daily harvest photos throughout the growing seasons.

Art and crafting updates - watch sketchbook tour videos, join a painting or crochet/knitting session, and see photos of all of the creative projects I am currently working on. At the moment, my focus is my nine of nines project - my resolution this year to do more projects. My nine categories are: yarn, sew, read, grow, paint, sell, repair, write, and lose (although this last one has now been changed to nine neins - saying no to nine things!)

Pondering posts - A post on any topic that I’m mulling over. In the past, I’ve written about data privacy, freelancing, VAT taxes for freelancers, ghostwriting, structuring a conversation class, dealing with difficult students and much more.

Notes on learning - I am constantly learning. Right now, that’s video and audio, and juggling freelance contracts with a rather difficult health situation. I’ll share updates about my learning journey, and tips that will hopefully help you come to know how best you learn.

Book reviews - Work through The Right to Write alongside me, or check out my reviews and notes on some of the books I read.

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15 Jul 2022