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August bonuses for the Learned Words Patreon

Blog Access a sampler of new free resources in the August Open House. All Enthusiasts and Sponsors who sign up by the end of the month will receive double rewards and a handwritten thank you. Read more ›

Writing – Patreon

Virtual artist dates

Blog At the tail end of the pandemic, even with social distancing and hygiene measures, artist dates out in the 'real world' can feel overwhelming. Virtual artist dates get around that. Read more ›

Writing – Patreon

Developing a writing practice

Blog Writing for work needs to be a constant stream, but it's hard to write around moods, ill health, and bad habits like perfectionism. Read more ›

Creators – Resources

Good streaming gear options

Blog The technical knowledge required and the range of choices for streaming gear can be extremely daunting to even experienced streamers. Read more ›

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Tools I use to write and teach

Blog Everyone changes the tools they use, in any job. Writing and teaching is no different - the tools and software I used to use 5 years ago, I'm not using today. Read more ›

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Migrating the website to Jekyll

Blog Learned Words has had many problems on a standalone WordPress installation, with its media library consistently going missing. That's one of the reasons I am moving the site to Jekyll. Read more ›

Prompts – Writing prompts

Conversations based on photos

Blog Dialogue writing can be difficult for many people. That's why it's a good idea to practice - these photos will help. Read more ›

Vocabulary – Word games

3 word games for vocabulary building and practice

Blog Word games, quizzes, puzzles and crosswords are a good way to work on vocabulary. Read more ›