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Tools I use to write and teach

Blog Everyone changes the tools they use, in any job. Writing and teaching is no different - the tools and software I used to use 5 years ago, I'm not using today. Read more ›

News – News

Migrating the website to Jekyll

Blog Learned Words has had many problems on a standalone WordPress installation, with its media library consistently going missing. That's one of the reasons I am moving the site to Jekyll. Read more ›

Prompts – Writing prompts

Conversations based on photos

Blog Dialogue writing can be difficult for many people. That's why it's a good idea to practice - these photos will help. Read more ›

Vocabulary – Word games

3 word games for vocabulary building and practice

Blog Word games, quizzes, puzzles and crosswords are a good way to work on vocabulary. Read more ›

Teaching – Patreon

Teaching and language learning resources on Patreon

Blog Helpful resources for language teachers and students, writers and translators now available on Patreon Read more ›

Learning – Language learning

Interact to learn a language faster

Blog Don’t just listen, interact! Read more ›

Learning – Learning tips

Learning Japanese without a teacher

Blog You can learn Japanese alone Read more ›

Prompts – Conversation prompts

How did you choose ... ?

Blog Being able to ask open questions is a skill you need to develop even in your native language. 'How' questions require much more than just a yes or no! Read more ›