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Kymberly Fergusson

Weaving, original art and photography

Portfolio and products for sale

As a novice weaver, I am constantly experimenting, building skills, learning techniques, and finding new materials to work with.

The experimenting mindset is also how I approach painting, preferring watercolour, acrylic inks and acrylic gouache.

Items for sale: I have listed many small handwoven items like mug rugs, bookmarks, bands, key fobs and lanyards, as well as large scarves and tea towels on my Ko-fi ship. Occasionally other items are added - sewn, crochet and knitted - as well as original artworks in watercolour, acrylic and ink.

My shop on Ko-fi.com

I weave with the looms below, and spin with drop spindles and an Ashford traveller spinning wheel.

Tutorials and creative project updates, along with recipes and tips are available over on the LearnedWords Patreon. I’d be delighted if you would like to join!

Patreon also hosts many process and project posts on art and craft techniques:

All photos and artworks are copyright Kymberly Fergusson, all rights reserved. To use any of my photos, please contact me to purchase a non-exclusive license.

  • A handwoven green, just finished and sitting on the loom
  • A watercolour dragon painted by Kym on a postcard
  • Handwoven inkle bands sewn into various products - bookmarks, key fobs, lanyards and more
  • An offcut of blue and teal scarf crafted into a cosy mug warmer
  • Colourful wool fiber waiting to be spun on the spinning wheel
  • Spinning unicorn fiber on a spinning wheel
  • An ink and acrylic painting in the kintsugi rabbit series, commermorating the year of the rabbit
  • A blue and teal set of placemats still on the loom
  • A blue and teal scarf still on the loom
  • An ink and acrylic postcard for a friend at Easter who just got a new chook
  • An original character painting in ink and acrylic for inktober 2022
  • An original character painting in ink and acrylic for inktober 2022
  • An inkle band in the process of being woven
  • A watercolour postcard of a phoenix in flight
  • A watercolour postcard of Totoro and a soot sprite in the rain
  • Handspun chain plied multicoloured wool hanging from a warping frame
  • Ocean waves scarf from handspun wool/silk fiber in various teals and blues and a cotton warp
  • An anemone in the Melbourne aquarium
  • A Major Mitchell cockatoo at Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia
  • Love at first sight
  • A fishing cat at the Melbourne Zoo, Australia
  • Johnny and the cat grass
  • Curious Cookie
  • A Siberian tiger at the Leipzig Zoo, Germany
  • A turtle at the Melbourne Zoo
  • A stunning green lizard at the Melbourne Zoo, Australia
  • A barking owl at Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia
  • A cosy shot of a campfire in summer

Cards and print-on-demand products

A variety of photo greeting cards, postcards, business cards, and other goods such as gift bags and mugs are available from my Zazzle print-on-demand store. They now support downloadables too!

Slow vlogs on YouTube

My videos include plenty of slow kitty vignettes, time spent in the garden with the plants through the seasons, snippets of my weaving, spinning and art projects, recordings if I go out and about in Germany (rarely - privacy laws here are super strict), and occasionally some slow and small-batch cooking.

If you enjoy my slow vlogs and shorts on YouTube, please do like and subscribe - it is a free and easy way to show your support.