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Learning how to weave & spin

Weaving is a treasure trove for the ever-curious

Learning how to weave & spin

Recently, I had the opportunity to pick up a few looms and a spinning wheel and realise a dream - learning how to weave and spin my own yarn. I've been a slow knitter for quite some time, and weaving is a natural extension to use up an overgrown yarn stash. But these certainly aren't easy skills to pick up!

In the last several months, I’ve dived into a very deep rabbit hole - weaving and spinning. Working with fiber is an astoundingly complex, rich and deep area to study, rich with techniques, skills, materials and crafts.

I started with handspinning with a cheap drop spindle and a small sample pack of different wool fibers.

As a test run, to see if I would actually like weaving, I used a basic tapestry loom, available easily in craft stores here, but wove a scarf on it.

  • A handwoven green, just finished and sitting on the loom
  • Handwoven inkle bands sewn into various products - bookmarks, key fobs, lanyards and more
  • An offcut of blue and teal scarf crafted into a cosy mug warmer
  • Colourful wool fiber waiting to be spun on the spinning wheel
  • Ocean waves scarf from handspun wool/silk fiber in various teals and blues and a cotton warp
  • Spinning unicorn fiber on a spinning wheel
  • A blue and teal set of placemats still on the loom
  • A blue and teal scarf still on the loom
  • An inkle band in the process of being woven
  • Handspun chain plied multicoloured wool hanging from a warping frame

Regular weaving and spinning project updates

In addition to the tutorials I’ve published for novice weavers to help set up various looms, I publish regular exclusive creative project updates with loads of photos, tips and tricks, as well as occasional creative process videos and creativity sessions for patrons of the LearnedWords Patreon.

Special offer for Supporters tier (5 euros) until 14 December - I’ll paint you an original art postcard with my new acrylic paints!

Now, what are you curious about?

Go chase that rabbit!

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15 Aug 2023