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3 word games for vocabulary building and practice
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Word games

3 word games for vocabulary building and practice

Word games, quizzes, puzzles and crosswords are a good way to work on vocabulary.

10 things that …

This fun vocabulary activity works wonderfully with small to large groups, from beginners through to advanced students.

It’s a race and a competition, which encourages participation and increases motivation. It can increase participation for the remainder of the class when used as a warm-up.

Beginner classes may like to use a dictionary – it will help expand their vocabulary, especially if you do a follow-up activity and make sentences with the words they found.

Make the 10 things more difficult for higher level classes.

  1. Divide the class into groups of 3-5 students.
  2. Each group can either have one writer, or everyone can write (increases speed and confusion – good for advanced classes).
  3. Students will write down 10 things that … as fast as they can.

10 Things that …

  • are round
  • are yellow
  • can fly
  • live in the sea
  • must be kept cold
  • have feathers
  • are stressful
  • are spectacular
  • are dangerous
  • are imaginary
  • live in the Amazon jungle
  • have an exoskeleton
  • sleep during the day
  • require fuel
  • have an x in their name
  • use the same word for their singular and plural forms

What verbs are similar or related to the following verbs?

  • smile
  • sleep
  • eat
  • speak
  • walk

For example – smile: grin, smirk, laugh, giggle, …

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A silly story

Choose at random 3 nouns, 3 adjectives and 3 verbs. Or better – get someone else to pick the words randomly.

Write or tell a short story using all nine words, in the past tense.

The sillier the better!

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18 Aug 2019