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Words ending with -ill
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Words ending with -ill

Word games, quizzes, puzzles and crosswords are a good way to work on vocabulary.

Intermediate EFL students and those at a higher level have enjoyed this activity. As a bonus, they became more familiar with their dictionary – some of the words are quite difficult and obscure.

How many words do you know that end in ill? Here are some questions to help.

Words ending in -ill

  • A word to describe a high-pitched voice.
  • A feeling of excitement.
  • A herb, often used with fish.
  • A rolled ‘r’. Also, two adjacent musical notes of a scale, played quickly.
  • When you pour water into a bucket until it reaches the top.
  • When someone is good at something, they have this.
  • Another word for a window ledge.
  • When you knock a glass of water over.
  • A very small mountain.
  • A document that says you owe someone money. Also used to document decisions made in parliament.
  • A power tool you use to make holes in surfaces.
  • Another name for a tablet or capsule (medication).
  • A feather pen used to write.
  • Another word for cooking food on a barbecue.
  • A fabric woven to show diagonal lines or ribs on the surface.
  • A very small stream.
  • What fish use to breathe.
  • Another word for a ruffle or decorative border on clothing.
  • To drink quickly and greedily.
  • A place where flour is made from wheat. Also, a tool to crack peppercorns.
  • When someone is not moving. Also, a place in which alcohol is brewed.
  • To make something cold.
  • A shorter, casual way of saying until. Also, to dig over a garden.
  • When a murderer murders someone.

Words ending in -ill crossword

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There are many more words that end with -ill. These are simply the answers to the questions above.

shrill, thrill, dill, trill, fill, skill, sill, spill, hill, bill, drill,) pill, quill, grill, twill, rill, gill, frill, swill, mill, still, chill, till, kill

What other words ending with -ill have you found?

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09 Jul 2013