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Words rhyming with ‘ale’


Words rhyming with ‘ale’

How many different words can you discover that rhyme with 'ale'?

I usually give these vocabulary building exercises to my conversation class students as homework, although completing them in class can result in a surprising amount of noise and talking!

_To make this more appealing to older or more advanced students, this is also available as a word search puzzle on the Learned Words Patreon (with answers, and the word cloud for beginner students). _

Alternatively, you can download the word cloud and questions as a PDF, without the word search puzzle.

Example: A type of beer: ale

  1. A bundle of hay.
  2. To remove water from somewhere, usually the inside of a boat.
  3. To become sick.
  4. Easily broken, fragile, weak and infirm.
  5. A valley or vale.
  6. A very strong wind.
  7. To be healthy.
  8. Frozen water that falls from storm clouds.
  9. A dark green leafy vegetable, like spinach.
  10. To breathe in.
  11. To breathe out.
  12. A track left by man or beast in nature.
  13. To attack.
  14. To reveal something.
  15. A cover, disguise, mask or pretence.
  16. To not pass an exam.
  17. To extort someone.
  18. To be of use, to profit, to assist.
  19. Something that doesn’t have much colour.
  20. To imprison someone.
  21. A slug with a shell.
  22. To fly through; glide or move smoothly through.
  23. A bird which has a sweet song.
  24. A small bird, often eaten as a delicacy, another word for prostitute.
  25. When something has a discounted price.
  26. To climb a cliff, a series of musical notes or a garden pest.
  27. To go down a cliff on a wire.
  28. A type of rock where oil and gas is often found.
  29. Bread that is several days old.
  30. To come off the tracks (train).
  31. A wetland, moor or fen.
  32. To shorten, diminish or cut the end off.
  33. A very big animal which lives in the ocean.
  34. When things are sold in huge quantities.
  35. When things are sold in small quantities.
  36. Highlight the hidden text below to see the answers.

Words rhyming with ‘ale’ - answers

bale bail ail frail dale gale hale hail kale inhale exhale trail assail unveil veil fail blackmail avail pale jail snail sail nightingale quail sale scale abseil shale stale derail swale curtail whale wholesale retail

There are many more words that rhyme with ‘ale’ – what other words can you think of?

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10 Jul 2014