Jean Kelly - Album - Mixed

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Jean Kelly - Album - Mixed

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If you want any of these photos taken down for privacy reasons, please send Kym an email and include the link to the photo(s) and the album name.

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This album was a mixture of photos, blank postcards, postcards to and from Jean Kelly, and clippings from brochures and maps of the places she visited. Some of the photos have captions written on the back of them - I’ve included these where they exist, as well as any captions on the blank postcards (backs not pictured).

It covers Nanna’s and Grandpa’s late trips to England to spend some time with the Fergusson family, and around South, Western and Central Australia.

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  • The large leather album these photos, postcards, and clippings were in
  • Two 'pages' from the album so you can see how it was arranged
  • I'm afraid I'll be blown off! Land's End - Cornwall
  • Very narrow road (doesn't look like it here)
  • Fergies (Justin on the right - rest of the caption is cut off)
  • Black Lake, Bucks
  • The Fergies' cottage
  • Brian
  • Blast Off! At Fergies'
  • Black Lake with Brian
  • Fergie family at our send-off
  • Clovelly
  • Church half-way down at Clovelly
  • Fergie family at our send-off
  • Just about to leave in van
  • The hotel at Clovelly
  • Narrow road near Cheddar
  • Fowey - Devon Coast
  • Land's End - Cornwall
  • Thatched cottage at Ivor
  • Fowey - Devon coast
  • Devon countryside
  • Cobbled street at Clovelly
  • Clovelly beach
  • Countryside on way to High Wycombe
  • Devon countryside
  • Fowey - Devon coast
  • Gympie, Queensland. Artesian Bore, Australia
  • Ochre Pits, Central Australia
  • Xmas '73
  • The Amity, Albany, WA - A twilight view of the Brig Amity which brought the first settlers to the western side of Australia in 1826
  • Albany, W.A. Sperm whale being flensed, Cheyne Beach Whaling Station, Frenchman Bay. Closed 1978, now Jaycees Whaleworld Museum
  • The South Coast, Albany, W.A. An Aerial view of The Gap, Natural Bridge and Cave's Point Lighthouse (foreground); Cable Beach, the Gorge and Blowsholes (centre); and Peak Head, Jimmy Newhills Harbour and Flinder's Peninsular (background)
  • Spray, Cape Carnot Whalers Way, Port Lincoln, South Australia
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Geraldton Wax (Chamelaucium) in its various colours. Western Australia.
  • Millstream Station. Roebourne, Western Australia
  • Exmouth, W.A. Vlaming Head Lighthouse
  • Wittenoom, Western Australia. Aerial view of Hamersley Range
  • Tom Price, W.A. Mine site of Hamersley Iron Pty. Ltd
  • Tom Price, W.A. View overlooking mine site from lookout
  • Tom Price, W.A. Mt Nameless, 1100 metres above sea level
  • Typical 173 tonnes Lectra Haul Ore Truck at Tom Price, Western Australia
  • Wittenoom, Western Australia. Mount Stevenson, Hamersley Range
  • Broome Tourist Information Centre, Western Australia
  • Mangrove Motel, Broome, Western Australia
  • Aerial view of the mangrove swamps, Broome, Western Australia
  • The famous Old Chinatown, Broome, Western Australia
  • Australian Wildflowers, Sturt Pea
  • Prison Boab Tree, Derby
  • Western Australia wildflowers, Banksia (Burdetti) One of the 480 species found in Western Australia and mainly in the mid-west region of the state
  • Galvan's Gorge
  • Western Australia. This bridge completed in 1974 is 13.2m high, 286.5m long. In full flood, the depth of the water is 12m. The river has a discharge rate of 29,000 cubic metres per second or a flow capable of filling the Canning Dam in 20 minutes
  • Panoramic view of the Murchison River through Natures Window, Kalbarri, Western Australia
  • Alice Springs, N.T. Heavitree Gap, the southern entrance to Alice Springs.
  • Carnavon, W.A. Prawning fleet, new boat harbour
  • Palm Valley, Central Australia. Located in the Krichauff Ranges, this valley has permanent water-holes that support rich tropical vegetation, including the rare 'Livistona mariae' palm
  • Autumn at Hoffmans Dam, Naseby